Friday, October 31, 2008


A larger painting that I recently finished. I hope to do more from regattas. I take lots of photos at Chesapeake Jr Crew regattas and there is one this weekend in Wichita. I am going to focus on the reflections and the "puddles".

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Capitol City

My interpretationof this week's challenge. I have spent time today working on photography and am still trying to decide what to start on next, so I thought I would do this to help me get back into painting. I need to keep my hands in painting or I lose that muscle memory. This is on paper coated with black gesso, something I love to do. I am really trying to use these challenges as warm-ups and to learn soemthing. I do think it stretches to have someone else pick your subject matter.

Garden of the Gods

This painting is a 36 X 36 oil on canvas painting taken from a photograph from our Colorado vacation this summer. It is an absolutely magnificent place. I was able to spend most of a morning there shooting photos while Nick was biking. I am planning to paint 3 more of these canvases. This painting has a lot of texture that may not transfer to the screen.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bama bovine

It has been too long...I started back with the weekly different strokes challenge from Karin Jurick. I enjoy cows having grown up with cows on my grandfather's farm. My cousin and I used to name and pet all the calves in the spring. Little did we know what they were doing with all the calves in the little pens.
I have also been working on the Garden of the Gods large painting and plan to post that tomorrow. It is very close to finished.